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Sat, Jan 24th 2015

Green Party leader questions distorted claims of outgoing ministers.

Green Party of Prince Edward Island leader, Peter Bevan-Baker is questioning the self-serving claims of outgoing ministers Sheridan and Webster as they announced their retirement from politics.

Media Releases

16 Jan 2015

Green Party sees a need for a Provincial museum, but not in Fanningbank.

The Green Party of PEI believes that PEI needs a provincial museum, and that a carefully administered government could afford to...

01 Jan 2015

Greens call for political change in New Year's resolution.

In a year-end interview, Premier Ghiz has called the introduction of fixed election dates the greatest blunder of his tenure as Premier.  "Bah...

13 Dec 2014

Prince Edward Island needs comprehensive energy policy, says Green Party.

On the same day that the storm clouds gathered over Prince Edward Island to herald an unprecedented rain storm that will end up...

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