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Elizabeth May is coming to PEI to speak at Rally for Proportional Representation & our GM on May 1, 2016

Electoral Reform

Last year, we voted for proportional

How are Islanders really doing?

Statement by Elizabeth May on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Congratulations Peter Bevan-Baker and the Green Party of Prince Edward Island!

Peter Bevan-Baker To Foster Sustainable, Profitable Agriculture

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada will be arriving in Charlottetown at 8:45 am., Friday, May 1st

The Green Party of PEI is guided by these six principles:
  • Living Within Our Ecological and Financial Means
  • Local Self-Reliance
    Grassroots Democracy
  • A Just Society
  • Active Citizenship and Self-Determination
  • A Culture of Peace
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Redshores and windmills
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Elizabeth May is coming to PEI to speak at Rally for Proportional Representation & our GM on May 1, 2016

Elizabeth May for May Day Rally - 2016

The Green Party of PEI welcomes Elizabeth May, MP and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, to Prince Edward Island for a Rally on May 1, 2016, and

Elizabeth will speak on Proportional Representation, and how PEI can lead Canada on this critical issue.

Peter Bevan-Baker

Peter has always been concerned about improving his community – whether it was volunteering at his local school, sitting on boards of various organisations, directing plays and musicals, or participating in politics. It is this desire to advance the collective well-being which eventually led him to become the leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island in 2012. Peter has been associated with the Green Party for over 20 years, sitting on federal council for many years and running as a candidate nine times. Through these decades he has never wavered from his belief that the Green Party provides the only approach to politics which will secure a prosperous, fulfilling and safe future for coming generations.

Anna Keenen

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1985, Anna's academic background is in physics and economics. After becoming aware of the stark realities of climate-change science during her university years, she became involved in climate advocacy with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). Moving to Europe for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings in 2008 and the Copenhagen summit in 2009, she worked with and various youth-climate-campaigning organisations. In 2010 she joined Greenpeace International as part of the Climate & Energy campaign team, with a particular focus on Renewable Energy.

Electoral Reform

PEI can make history by adopting real electoral reform, and in doing so, can influence the dialogue on reform right across the country.
Dr. Bevan-Baker

Last year, we voted for proportional

We all want Proportional Representation, as the results of last year’s election clearly showed. All we have to decide now is which system works for us. Fortunately, we have months to consider the options presented. Let the conversation begin!

Then let's vote!