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Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk steps down

Millvale – Green Party of PEI leader Sharon Labchuk announced today she is stepping down.  The party will appoint an interim leader and in due time hold a leadership convention.

Labchuk founded the Green Party in 2005 and under her leadership the party placed third, behind the Conservatives, in both the 2007 and 2011 elections, and increased the party’s votes per district in 2011 despite a drop in voter turnout.

“I’m proud that over the past seven years we’ve established ourselves as a serious party capable of attracting high caliber candidates, “ said Labchuk. “Our election platform encompassed all issues, from environment and economy to democracy and health, and introduced practical, progressive and uniquely green policies that set us apart from the old-line parties.”

The Green Party of PEI is the first party in the history of Canada to have run a slate of candidates with more than 50% women said Labchuk, “ And as far as I know, we’re the first PEI party to have had a MI’kmaq candidate, and a woman at that. We’ve raised the bar and shown young girls and women that at least one political party seeks out and welcomes women candidates.”

Labchuk says she will not be leaving politics entirely as she still works with Elizabeth May as the national Director of Organizing for the federal Green Party.

“But I’m looking forward to getting back to environmental activism with Earth Action.  I have unfinished business with the industrial agriculture and pesticide industries,” said Labchuk.  “It was the massive fish kills, the cancer-causing potato pesticides in our air, and the relentless contamination of our drinking water with chemical fertilizer that compelled me to start a political party that has advocated for a 100% organic province from day one. The situation remains serious.”


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