Peter Bevan Baker, Green Party Leader

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Peter moved to Canada in 1985. After spending time in Newfoundland and Ontario, Peter, Ann, and their four children settled in PEI.

Peter has been a member of the Green Party of Canada since 1992 and has supported the Green Party of PEI since it was founded in 2005.

The Canada Well-Being Measurement Act was drafted and presented to parliament because of Peter’s ability to effectively communicate with elected Liberal candidate, Joe Jordan. It remains to this day the greenest piece of legislation ever to reach the floor of the House of Commons.

Peter has been a federal Green candidate several times and ran in the 2007 PEI provincial election where he obtained the second highest vote count of the Green Party candidates. He is currently involved in theatre, serving as the chair of the board of directors at the Victoria Playhouse, and as a playwright/director for several amateur groups on PEI. He is a musician who enjoys playing trumpet with a wide variety of groups ranging from the PEI Symphony Orchestra, to Dixieland jazz bands, to folk groups.

Peter supports his artistic habits by working as a dentist. He and his wife Ann just completed renovations on an empty church near their home in Hampton, converting the building into a dental office, café, and community hall. He claims to own the Greenest dental office in Canada opting to use a geothermal heating system, waterless suction, paperless business system, digital x-rays and LED lighting.

Peter has been affiliated with the Green Party for over 15 years! In that time he has, and continues to demonstrate exemplary organizational skills, electoral successes, and a strong ability to forge alliances. He has raised a family, built and run his own thriving business, and served on the committees and boards of several organizations.