Donate to Green Party PEI

If you pay income tax you can receive a generous provincial tax rebate for your political party donation.

Thank you for supporting our vision for a kinder, cleaner and more prosperous PEI. We have wonderful things planned to help move us in that direction.

We are the only political party on PEI that does not accept money from corporations or unions — we rely entirely on donations from people like you.

  • Donations up to $100 receive a 75% refund.
  • Donations between $100 and $550 get a 75% refund on the first $100 and a 50% refund on the balance.
  • Donations between $550 and $1150 receive a 75% refund on the first $100, a 50% refund on the amount between $100 and $550, and a 33.33% refund on the amount between $550 and $1150.

You can donate by cheque or money order with this form.

GPPEI Membership and Donation Form

Some examples of donations and the tax refund you can receive:

Donate thisYour tax rebateYour actual cost


Redshores and windmills