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Tue, Feb 10th 2015

Governing is complicated and involves difficult decisions every day on such things as spending priorities. Meeting unlimited needs with limited resources requires that hard choices be made, but the recent revelations regarding $5 million left unspent by the department of community services and seniors at a time when one in five Island children is food insecure, is inexplicably shameful.

"This situation reveals many distasteful things about our current administration," said Peter Bevan-Baker, leader of the Green Party of PEI. "It shows how uncoordinated and dysfunctional intergovernmental communication is, it demonstrates a very warped sense of priorities of the government as a whole, and it reveals just how ineffective Valerie Docherty has been in managing of her portfolio.”

“Not only does this unspent money mean that the neediest and most vulnerable Islanders - many of them children - will have suffered needlessly, it will have had a long-term negative impact on things like health and well-being, causing further government expenditures in the future."

The Green Party notes that a similar amount of money is at jeopardy due to the Minister of finance's decision to invest in gambling businesses.

"If we needed a clear example of how the Liberals have lost their way, it is right here. They have quite literally gambled the welfare of PEI's poorest children away. PEI must adopt a co-ordinated approach to alleviate poverty, and make this of utmost importance for the good of the Islanders involved and also for the long-term economic and social well-being of the entire province," continued Bevan-Baker.

Media Releases

04 Feb 2015

Wes Sheridan is once more claiming to be steering our province’s finances to a safe and secure place. He cites the recent audited financial statements, where the annual deficit is estimated to be $45.8 million as good news for PEI. This is apparently $13 million less than he had anticipated, and therefore, we should all be celebrating the province’s “march” (more like a stumble or lurch)...

04 Feb 2015

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island wonders why it has taken over seven years for Doug Currie and the department of Health and Wellness to come up with their three year wellness strategy.

With disease, you have acute and chronic problems; an acute problem like a heart attack requires immediate attention, a chronic illness needs a different approach.

 In health care...

30 Jan 2015

For executive director of the Federation of Agriculture John Jamieson to conclude, as he did in comments today, that the Green Party agricultural policy is being forged in a vacuum, is arrogance of the highest order. It suggests that the Federation of Agriculture represents the one and only source of information on agricultural policy on PEI, and without it, one is working blind.


24 Jan 2015

Green Party of Prince Edward Island leader, Peter Bevan-Baker is questioning the self-serving claims of outgoing ministers Sheridan and Webster as they announced their retirement from politics.

“For Wes Sheridan and George Webster to offer Islanders their slanted self-assessment, and to speak proudly of their accomplishments while holding the financial and agricultural portfolios does...

16 Jan 2015

The Green Party of PEI believes that PEI needs a provincial museum, and that a carefully administered government could afford to create one whilst taking care of other critical needs.

“It is regretful that successive Liberal and Tory administrations have failed to build a provincial museum. Instead of putting public funds towards something which would archive, protect and celebrate our...